5 Reasons Why Divorce Financial Solutions, Inc. is the Best Choice for Your Financial Needs

Shameless plug alert! We’re really proud of the services we provide, and we hope that from viewing the rest of our website, you’re starting to see why our business stands out.

But, let’s be honest, most people aren’t divorce experts and the whole process seems overwhelming. You might be looking at several different professionals and honestly, they all seem the same to you. Because of this,  you may be saying, okay great, but does this actually mean that Divorce Financial Solutions does anything different than other divorce financial analysts?  The short answer, yes, and this post is going to show you why.

Here are five reasons why Divorce Financial Solutions is the best choice for all your divorce financial needs. 


1. Experience, Experience, Experience

An experience CDFA is a qualified professional who has specialized training in the area of divorce financials, follows a strict code of ethics, and is certified by the Institute for Divorce Financial Analysts (IDFA). 

This is the minimum experience you should expect from a CDFA. But Divorce Financial Solutions’ CDFA, Veralynn Morris, exceeds those experience expectations. She has more than 30 years experience in the financial industry, has designed, implemented, and managed various types of retirement plans, and has been able to successfully help many divorcing couples reach equitable settlements. This experience proves that your finances are in good hands. 

To see her full qualifications, visit https://institutedfa.com/cdfa-profile/?num=19009&keyword=&fromAddress=21704


2. Forensic Financial Analysis

Forensics? Isn’t that what scientists do? Yes, but finances can also be subject to viewing under the hypothetical microscope. In many cases, a couple’s finances are nuanced and complicated. That’s why it’s so hard to figure out how to split them yourselves (and why you’re here learning more about divorce financial analysts!)

Here, we do a deep dive into your finances to find all the things that may not be readily apparent. By doing so, we paint a full picture of what your finances look like today, how they can be split during the divorce, and what they might look like tomorrow. This isn’t your average financial review. This is in depth research to make sure everything is accounted for. 


3. Long-Term Goals and Implications

Picture this: you and your partner reached a settlement, all is well, things are looking good, and then……tax season arrives. And you discover that you owe more than you thought you would because of the way your finances were divided.

Unfair? Yeah!

Avoidable? Absolutely!

Veralynn Morris and Divorce Financial Solutions makes sure that you are presented with a full picture of your finances; including the long-term tax implications that come with various settlement options. Our goal is for you, your partner, and even your attorney (if you have one) to understand any financial decision you are making so that there are no surprises after the final paperwork is signed. 

We want you to be able to move forward with financial confidence! 


4. Expert Witness Testimony

Sometimes, it’s inevitable that a divorcing couple ends up in court. Maybe your divorce was contentious, and you couldn’t figure out how to reach a settlement through mediation. That’s when having a CDFA who is also a qualified expert witness comes in handy. 

Veralynn Morris is a qualified expert witness in the area of divorce finances. In this role, Veralynn can provide impartial key insights through in-depth analysis in order to achieve equitable settlements. To become certified, she prepared an affidavit and was approved by Judge Julie R. Stevenson Solt, County Administrative Judge, Frederick County Circuit Court, 6th Judicial Circuit. 

If you think your case may end up going to court, having a CDFA who can act as an expert witness is a huge plus. 


5. QDRO Document Preparation

Lastly, Veralynn Morris is also the owner of QDRO Solutions Group, LLC. This means that she can also help divorcing couples get a Qualified Domestic Relations Order (QDRO) document prepared, with the help of attorney Sharon Diament, Esq. of Diament Gerstein, LLC. Once accepted, your retirement assets can be distributed in a timely manner. 

Without this crucial step, you may have to wait longer than necessary to receive any retirement assets. Preparing a QDRO at the same time as you work on your divorce can help streamline the process and save you time and money in the long-run. 

To learn more about QDRO services, visit https://www.qdrosolutionsgroup.com/.


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