The financial matters of a divorce are often the most complex part of the divorce process. Many factors to consider are:

  • division of property;
  • marital vs. non-marital assets;
  • tax matters;
  • health insurance;
  • division of pension plans and retirement assets;
  • child support;
  • sale of the marital home; and
  • property settlements

Looking at this list, it’s easy to see why it can be confusing to make these decisions without a competent divorce planner. Therefore, working with an experienced divorce financial professional can help you make the best choices regarding your financial future. 

How Divorce Financial Solutions Can Help

At Divorce Financial Solutions, we believe it is very important for jointly negotiated terms to be fair, not just equal. In other words, you should feel confident that your financial needs, today, tomorrow, and in the future, provide you with financial security.  We provide the financial analyses to arrive at the best outcomes. We will work with you and your attorney to make sure you both understand the financial details and analyses so your attorney can negotiate the best possible outcome. 

Our Experience and Service

The financial implications of a divorce are serious. Therefore, it is important to approach negotiations with accurate facts in hand to help stop emotions from ruling the process.

Our Certified Consultant for divorcing parties, Veralynn Morris, has worked more than thirty years to provide financial guidance to divorce clients in Frederick, Washington, Allegany, Garrett, Howard, Carroll, Montgomery, Prince Georges, Anne Arundel, St. Mary’s, Baltimore and Harford Counties in Maryland.

Additionally, Veralynn takes a personal interest in every case to help plan for her client’s financial goals. Because of her personal touch, she is able to provide the best advocacy to protect her clients’ best interests. 

Does Divorce Financial Solutions provide Legal service and advice?

NO! Veralynn is not an attorney, and cannot provide legal counsel, advice, or any other legal services. If you have legal questions you should consult an attorney. We are able to provide a list of attorneys to contact. Remember, Veralynn Morris, a trained CDFA®, and her staff, provides financial solutions. 

Contact us with any further questions.