Our Approach

At Divorce Financial Solutions, we take a personal approach to divorce finances. Our clients receive one-on-one support from our Certified Divorce Financial Analyst in order to make informed financial decisions. We are committed to helping our clients reach equitable settlement outcomes that lead to a stable financial future. Additionally, other services, such as expert witness testimony, are available to provide additional support for your case.

However, it is important to remember the Divorce Financial Solutions provides only one part of your divorce team. Lawyers provide legal advice and help clients navigate legal proceedings. In contrast, Divorce Financial Advisers provide financial expertise. Divorce Financial Advisers are not lawyers and do not replace the need for an attorney. Certified Divorce Financial Analysts hold specific licenses relating to financial, not legal, services. They are financial professionals who offer necessary expertise to help you navigate the financial aspects of divorce.

Overall, we are here to help clients, and their attorneys, reach the best financial solutions in an informed and practical way.