Expert Witness Testimony

Benefits of Expert Witness Testimony

Expert witness testimony from a certified financial analyst (CDFA®) is very helpful for divorce cases being seen in court. Testimony in court from an expert financial witness presents the court with facts that makes an impact on final financial agreements. Expert witness testimony may also help amicable divorce cases or separating couples that hold complex or non-traditional assets. In general, an expert educates attorneys about financial aspects before and during mediation or court hearings. They communicate any financial issues in a clear and understandable way for all parties with the goal of finding a fair solution for all.

How an Expert Financial Witness Differs From a Lawyer

While family law attorneys provide legal advice and help you understand the legal process, they are not always financial experts. Additionally, they are unable to offer certain financial and insurance products that could be helpful depending on your case. Therefore, attorneys and others consulted during the divorce process may not be able to provide the best financial advice.

However, a trained financial professional has the expertise to answer questions about divorce financial outcomes. Once on your advocacy team, a CDFA® financial professional will be able to work  with your lawyer to streamline the divorce process and secure a settlement designed to meet your financial goals.

Divorce Financial Solutions’ Service

Divorce Financial Solutions provides financial expert witness testimony based on client-centered, customized, in-depth financial research and analysis. With over thirty years of experience, our CDFA®, Veralynn Morris, gives competent financial guidance to clients. She is recognized as a trustworthy and competent financial expert who is often requested to provide testimony for individual clients or counsel. She has a proven record of achieving desired outcomes in the best interests of her clients.

Additionally, Veralynn Morris’ expert testimony has started dialogue toward settlement and promoted judicial economy in contentious divorce matters. Clients and legal professionals rely on her to provide in-depth analysis and an impartial view of the financial assets in question. Her input has assisted in streamlining the settlement of many complex cases.

There are lots of factors that go into the creation of a complete financial picture. For trusted divorce expert testimony that works for you, choose Veralynn Morris at Divorce Financial Solutions.

Divorce Financial Solutions serves clients in the State of Maryland in the following jurisdictions: Frederick, Washington, Allegany, Garrett, Howard, Carroll, Montgomery, Prince Georges, Anne Arundel, St. Mary’s, Baltimore and Harford Counties.